Download Two Must-Have E-Books for Purim!

  • Shekalim Segulah

    A special e-book extracted from the teachings of the kabbalistic book Zera Shimshon on the meaning of the shekalim and their relationship to Am Yisrael.

    We ask you to do your contribution to our project.

    Anyone who takes upon themselves to learn from his writing are promised blessings of, children, health (life), parnassa (sustenance), and satisfaction in the next world.

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  • Tikkun of Ta’anit Esther

    Special Tikkun for Taanit Esther.

    For redeeming the Shechina from exile.

    For a personal redemption for you.

    On the day of Taanit Esther, before Mincha, it is customary that each person gives a commemoration of the half shekel to Tzedaka. Some people give $45, some give $15, and some give 3 half dollars.

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  • Kabbalistic Purim ebook – Second Edition (SALE)

    45 pages

    Kabbalistic understanding of the laws and customs of Purim.

    Second edition – Expanded and updated

    Includes Megilat Esther and Birchat Hamazon.

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