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known as Rav Yare (an acronym for Yedidya Refaʾel Abū ʾl-ʿĀfiya) A disciple of Rabbi Raphael Avraham Shalom Mizrahi Sharabi, the head of the Yeshivat Kabbalah Beit El, and the grandson of Rabbi Shalom Mizrahi Sharabi, who was also the head of the yeshiva until his passing in the 1880s. His son-in-law, Rabbi Raphael Avraham Shalom, in 1848, was appointed head of the yeshiva. In 1824, he was hit by a piece of cannonball in his leg as a result of the Egyptian shelling of Jerusalem. Doctors were unable to remove the shrapnel from his leg, causing his torment all his life and eventually causing his death. He was buried in the Mount of Olives cemetery.

The Kabbalah of Rabbi Avraham Abulafia is a kind of complex Jewish meditation especially based on combining Hebrew letters. He was the primary editor of Rabbi Shalom Sharabi’s writings and produced the most widely accepted version of Sharʿabi’s Jewish Meditations ( kavvanot) Siddur known as Siddur Kavanot HaRashash HaYare

New Opportunity to join in Spreading the light of Kabbalah.
Advanced Meditations Siddur HaYare Project In Hebrew and Soon to be translated to English

Help us create a new edition of Siddur Harashash Yare”h (Rebbi Yedidya Refael Abulafia) New edition

There are 7 volumes

  1. Weekday Shacharit
  2. Mincha and Maariv
  3.  Kriat Shema sheal Hamita, Birchat Hashachar and Tikkun Chatzot
  4. Erev Shabbat and Maariv of Shabbat
  5. Shacharis and Mussaf of Shabbat
  6. Mincha of Shabbat and Motzei Shabbat,
  7. Kaavanot hashulchan (3 meals of shabbat, melava malka etc.

After we will finish printing these 7 volumes, we are planning with God’s help to do another edition with footnotes that explain each kavvana. We also plan on translating those footnotes.

What is the Siddur Harashash?

The Siddur Harashash is the siddur [prayer book] that is written with the Kabbalistic meditations of the Rashash. Considered by many to be the authoritative work on Kabbalah Meditation, the Siddur Harashash was compiled according to the teachings of the Rashash.

This is the prayer book that classical Kabbalists use. Praying with the Siddur Harashash takes much more time than regular prayers. One can only understand the meditations contained therein after years of study of Kabbalah.

May the merit of the tzadik Rabbi Yedidya Raphael Chai Abulafia protect us all. Amen

Jewish Meditations Siddur HaYare Project

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