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14th of Iyar -Pesach Sheni & Rabi Meir Baal HaNes’ Hilula

Pesach Sheni is a special day, it’s a second chance given to B’nei Yisrael for those who couldn’t participate , due to spiritual impurity, in eating the Pesach kurban.

there is no obligation in Pesach Sheni to eat Matza, although there is a minhag to do so in commemoration of the day.

Some add that 7 days straight starting the 14th of Iyar, the gates of shamayim are open and it is much easier to connect to the Hashem.

Donate for the elevation of the soul of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness

The Hilula of Rabi Meir Baal HaNes is Thursday night through Friday)

lets start with a story,Talmud Avodah Zarah  18 a-b

The Gemara relates: Berurya, the wife of Rabbi Meir, was a daughter of Rabbi Ḥanina ben Teradyon. She said to Rabbi Meir: It is a disrespectful matter for me that my sister is sitting in a brothel; you must do something to save her. Rabbi Meir took a vessel [tarkeva] full of dinars and went. He said to himself: If no transgression was committed with her, a miracle would be performed for her; if she committed a transgression, no miracle will be performed for her. Rabbi Meir went and dressed as a Roman knight, and said to her: Accede to my wishes, i.e., engage in intercourse with me. She said to him: I am menstruating [dashtana] and cannot. He said to her: I will wait. She said to him: There are many women in the brothel, and there are many women here who are more beautiful than I. He said to himself: I can conclude from her responses that she did not commit a transgression, as she presumably said this to all who come. Rabbi Meir went over to her guard and said to him: Give her to me. The guard said to him: I fear that if I do so, I will be punished by the government. Rabbi Meir said to him: Take this vessel full of dinars; give half to the government as a bribe, and half will be for you. The guard said to him: But when the money is finished, what shall I do? Rabbi Meir said to him: Say: God of Meir answer me! And you will be saved. The guard said to him:

And who can say that this is the case, that this utterance can save me? Rabbi Meir said to him: You will now see. There were these carnivorous dogs that would devour people; Rabbi Meir took a clod of earth, threw it at them, and when they came to devour him, he said: God of Meir answer me! The dogs then left him alone, and after seeing this, the guard gave the daughter of Rabbi Ḥanina ben Teradyon to Rabbi Meir. Ultimately the matter was heard in the king’s court, and the guard, who was brought and taken to be hanged, said: God of Meir answer me! They then lowered him down as they were unable to hang him. They said to him: What is this? He said to them: This was the incident that occurred, and he proceeded to relate the entire story to them. They then went and engraved the image of Rabbi Meir at the entrance of Rome where it would be seen by everyone, and they said: Anyone who sees a man with this face should bring him here. One day, Romans saw Rabbi Meir and ran after him, and he ran away from them and entered a brothel to hide. Some say he then escaped capture because he saw food cooked by gentiles and dipped [temash] this finger in the food and tasted it with that other finger, and thereby fooled them into thinking that he was eating their food, which they knew Rabbi Meir would not do. And some say that he escaped detection because Elijah came, appeared to them as a prostitute, and embraced Rabbi Meir. The Romans who were chasing him said: Heaven forbid, if this were Rabbi Meir, he would not act in that manner. Rabbi Meir arose, fled, and arrived in Babylonia. (Original below)

Because of the miracle story mentioned in the Talmud presented above, there is a popular belief that Rabbi Meir promised salvation to all who gave charity to the affairs of Eretz Yisrael for the betterment of his soul. Therefore, there are many who go to pray in his tomb, and then donate money to charity. In particular, on Passover Sheini there is a custom to visit Rabbi Meir’s tomb and give charity. This custom first began in 1867, when a tomb was erected. According to custom, at the time of giving the charity, they say the expression of the prayer that appears in the Talmudic story of the miracle of Rabbi Meir: “Elo-Ha D’ Meir Aneni.”

The words of Rabbi Chaim Pelagi on a donating to tzedakah in the merit of  Rabbi Meir

“And therefore it is true that at all times, there is a charge upon us to be mindful of him in all our business and work, and for any trouble not to come, to set aside for the elevation of the soul of the righteous Rabi Meir Baal HaNes Za’a and give charity to Israel to his resting place and then He will ask for mercy and foray for us to the one who sits on high (Hashem). One must know that his prayer will not return empty.” then he continues to write “Praise to Hashem may He be blessed, who are the righteous lives who sit there praying for the volunteers and studying for their success …

Rabbi Meir Baal Haness said he would help those that gave to the poor of Israel. Before his death, Rabbi Meir Baal Haness promised – as his legacy to all generations – that he will personally intercede in Heaven, on behalf of anyone in distress, who will give charity to the poor for the sake of his neshama (soul), in Israel in his memory

Many communities have held, and hold to this day, “a charity box for the miracle of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess” The Immrei Emes says anyone donating to kupat (charity of) Rabbi Meir Baal Haness every person can be helped with whatever they need.”

Some have the tradition on his hillulah of saying the parts of chapter 119 of Tehilim that correspond to the Rabbi’s name; רבי מאיר בעל הנס.   Then pray to Hashem that in the merit of רבי מאיר בעל הנס that there be salvations for yourself and your family and friends and community and nation for everything you need – take your time!! Then Give Tzdakah (charity) and say “Elo-Ha D’ Meir Aneni” -The G-d of  Meir answer me.” – people in his merit have received miracles.


May we have the good fortune to see the coming of the Redeemer and the reconstruction of our Holy Temple speedily in our day, Amen.

Prayers to say at the time of giving Tzdakah in the merit of Rabi Meir Baal HaNes:

‭ ‬תפילה‭ ‬לכל‭ ‬דבר‭ ‬בקשה‭ ‬בעת‭ ‬נתינת‭ ‬צדקה‭ ‬לעילוי‭ ‬נשמת‭ ‬התנא‭ ‬האלוקי‭ ‬רבי‭ ‬מאיר‭ ‬בעל‭ ‬הנס‭ ‬זיע‭”‬א‭ (‬עפ‭”‬י‭ ‬מרן‭ ‬החיד‭”‬א‭ ‬זיע‭”‬א‭) ‬הריני‭ ‬נותן‭ ‬לצדקה‭ ‬לעילוי‭ ‬נשמתו‭ ‬של‭ ‬רבי‭ ‬מאיר‭ ‬בעל‭ ‬הנס‭ ‬כדי‭ ‬שהקדוש‭ ‬ברוך‭ ‬הוא‭ ‬בזכות‭ ‬רבי‭ ‬מאיר‭ ‬בעל‭ ‬הנס‭ (‬יפרט‭ ‬כל‭ ‬בקשה‭ ‬שהיא‭). ‬אלקא‭ ‬דמאיר‭ ‬ענני‭, ‬אלקא‭ ‬דמאיר‭ ‬ענני‭, ‬אלקא‭ ‬דמאיר‭ ‬ענני‭. ‬אקרא‭ ‬לאלוקים‭ ‬עליון‭ ‬לקל‭ ‬גומר‭ ‬עלי‭. ‬חנני‭ ‬ה‭’ ‬כי‭ ‬אליך‭ ‬אקרא‭ ‬כל‭ ‬היום‭. ‬עזרנו‭ ‬אלוקי‭ ‬ישענו‭ ‬על‭ ‬דבר‭ ‬כבוד‭ ‬שמך‭ ‬והצילנו‭ ‬וכפר‭ ‬על‭ ‬חטאתינו‭ ‬למען‭ ‬שמך‭. ‬עשה‭ ‬למען‭ ‬שמך‭, ‬עשה‭ ‬למען‭ ‬ימינך‭, ‬עשה‭ ‬למען‭ ‬תורתך‭, ‬עשה‭ ‬למען‭ ‬קדושתך‭. ‬יהיו‭ ‬לרצון‭ ‬אמרי‭ ‬פי‭ ‬והגיון‭ ‬לבי‭ ‬לפניך‭ ‬ה‭’ ‬צורי‭ ‬וגואלי‭. ‬תפילה‭ ‬מקובלת‭ ‬וסגולה‭ ‬נפלאה‭ – ‬לאמרה‭ ‬על‭ ‬כל‭ ‬דבר‭ ‬בקשה‭, ‬בעת‭ ‬נתינת‭ ‬צדקה‭ – ‬לעילוי‭ ‬נשמת‭ ‬התנא‭ ‬האלוקי‭ ‬רבי‭ ‬מאיר‭ ‬בעל‭ ‬הנס‭ ‬זיע‭”‬א‭: ‬לשם‭ ‬יחוד‭ ‬קודשא‭ ‬בריך‭ ‬הוא‭ ‬ושכינתיה‭ ‬בדחילו‭ ‬ורחימו‭ ‬לייחד‭ ‬שם‭ ‬וכו‭’ ‬בשם‭ ‬כל‭ ‬ישראל‭. ‬אלקא‭ ‬דמאיר‭ ‬ענני‭, ‬אלקא‭ ‬דמאיר‭ ‬ענני‭, ‬אלקא‭ ‬דמאיר‭ ‬ענני‭. ‬הריני‭ ‬נותן‭ ‬לצדקה‭ ‬עבור‭ ‬ישיבת‭ ‬רבי‭ ‬מאיר‭ ‬בעל‭ ‬הנס‭ – ‬אור‭ ‬תורה‭, ‬סך____‭ ‬לשם‭ ‬נשמת‭ ‬אבותינו‭ ‬אבות‭ ‬העולם‭ ‬אברהם‭ ‬יצחק‭ ‬ויעקב‭, ‬ולשם‭ ‬נשמת‭ ‬התנא‭ ‬רבי‭ ‬מאיר‭ ‬בעל‭ ‬הנס‭, ‬יהי‭ ‬רצון‭ ‬מלפניך‭ ‬ה‭’ ‬אלוקינו‭ ‬ואלוקי‭ ‬אבותינו‭ ‬כשם‭ ‬ששמעת‭ ‬את‭ ‬תפלתם‭ ‬ועשית‭ ‬עמהם‭ ‬נסים‭ ‬ונפלאות‭ ‬גלויים‭ ‬ונסתרים‭, ‬וכשם‭ ‬ששמעת‭ ‬את‭ ‬תפלת‭ ‬עבדך‭ ‬מאיר‭ ‬ועשית‭ ‬עמו‭ ‬נסים‭ ‬ונפלאות‭ ‬כן‭ ‬תהא‭ ‬נא‭ ‬שעת‭ ‬רחמים‭ ‬ועת‭ ‬רצון‭ ‬מלפניך‭ ‬לעשות‭ ‬עמדי‭ (‬פב‭”‬פ‭) ‬נסים‭ ‬ונפלאות‭ ‬גלויים‭ ‬ונסתרים‭, ‬ותשמע‭ ‬תפלת‭ ‬עבדך‭ ‬ביום‭ ‬הזה‭ (‬כאן‭ ‬יפרט‭ ‬בקשתו‭ ‬המיוחדת‭) ‬ותתן‭ ‬אותי‭ ‬ואת‭ ‬כל‭ ‬בני‭ ‬ביתי‭ ‬וכל‭ ‬עמך‭ ‬בית‭ ‬ישראל‭ ‬בכל‭ ‬מקום‭ ‬שהם‭ ‬לטובה‭ ‬ולברכה‭ ‬לישועה‭ ‬ולנחמה‭, ‬לחן‭ ‬ולחסד‭ ‬ולרחמים‭, ‬ותשלח‭ ‬רפואה‭ ‬שלימה‭ ‬לחולי‭ ‬עמך‭ (‬ובפרט‭ ‬לחולה‭ ‬פב‭”‬פ‭) ‬ותזמין‭ ‬לנו‭ ‬פרנסתינו‭ ‬מידך‭ ‬המלאה‭ ‬הפתוחה‭ ‬הקדושה‭ ‬והרחבה‭, ‬ותצילנו‭ ‬מכל‭ ‬צרה‭ ‬וצוקה‭, ‬ותוציאנו‭ ‬מאפילה‭ ‬לאורה‭, ‬וימלאו‭ ‬כל‭ ‬משאלות‭ ‬לבנו‭ ‬לטובה‭, ‬מעתה‭ ‬ועד‭ ‬עולם‭ ‬אמן‭ ‬סלה‭. ‬

A prayer to every request while giving (Tsadaka) charity to elevate the soul of the Godly teacher Rabbi Meir Baal H’ness זיע״א, here I’m giving charity to elevate the soul of Rabbi Meir Baal H’Ness in order that the holly One Bless He, In merit to the Rabbi Meir Baal H’ness (will list any request) אלקא דמאיר ענני אלקא דמאיר ענני אלקא דמאיר ענני. I will call upon the supreme God to light upon me, pardon me God so I will call you all day. Help us our God. Save us from everything in your honor’s name, save us, and pardon our sins for the sake of your name.
Do it for your name, do it for your right, do it for your Torah, do it for your holiness.
My words will be your will, and my heart’s logic before you. God is my rock and saver.
Prayer is welcome and is a treasured remedy.
To say it on every request while giving charity, in a time the charity is giving to elevate the soul of the teacher Rabbi Meir Baal H’ness זיע״א

תפילה‭ ‬בשעת‭ ‬נתינת‭ ‬שמן‭ ‬למאור‭ ‬לעילוי‭ ‬נשמת‭ ‬רבי‭ ‬מאיר‭ ‬בעל‭ ‬הנס‭ (‬ספר‭ ‬עבודת‭ ‬הקודש‭’ ‬להרב‭ ‬חיד‭”‬א‭ ‬זצ‭”‬ל‭) ‬לרפואה‭ ‬ולכל‭ ‬דבר‭, ‬יאמר‭: ‬הריני‭ ‬מִתְנַדב‭ ‬שֶׁ‭ ‬מֶן‭ ‬ל‭ ‬ּ‭ ‬ַמָאוֹר‭, ‬לְעִלוּי‭ ‬נִשְׁ‭ ‬מָ‭ ‬ֶׁ‭ ‬תוֹ‭ ‬של‭ ‬רַבִ‭ ‬ּי‭ ‬מֵאִיר‭ ‬בַּעַל‭ ‬הַנֵּס‭, ‬כְּדֵי‭ ‬ְ‭ ‬הוּא‭, ‬בִ‭ ‬ּזְכוּת‭ ‬רַבִ‭ ‬ּי‭ ‬מֵאִיר‭ ‬בַּעַל‭ ‬הַנֵּס‭, ‬יַצִילֵנִי‭ ‬לִי‭ ‬וּל‭ ‬ּ‭ ‬ְאִשְׁ‭ ‬תִי‭ ‬מ‭ ‬ּ‭ ‬ִכָל‭ ‬ּדוֹשׁ‭ ‬בָּרוּך‭ ‬שֶׁ‭ ‬הַקָ‭ ‬חוֹלִי‭ ‬וּמ‭ ‬ּ‭ ‬ִכָל‭ ‬כְּאֵב‭. ‬וְנִהְי‭ ‬ֶה‭ ‬בְ‭ ‬ּרִ‭ ‬ִ‭ ‬יא‭ ‬ְ‭ ‬ים‭, ‬דּשֵׁ‭ ‬נִים‭ ‬וְרַעֲנַנִּים‭ ‬וּשְׁ‭ ‬קֵטִים‭. ‬וְי‭ ‬ַצִילֶנו‭ ‬מ‭ ‬ּ‭ ‬ִכָל‭ ‬ְ‭ ‬יָמֵינוּ‭ ‬בַּטוֹב‭ ‬ְׁוּש‭ ‬ֵ‭ ‬נוֹתינוּ‭ ‬בַּנְעִ‭ ‬ִ‭ ‬ימים‭, ‬לַעֲ‭ ‬ָבוֹדתוֹ‭ ‬צָרָה‭ ‬וּמ‭ ‬ּ‭ ‬ִכָ‭ ‬ִ‭ ‬ל‭ ‬מינֵי‭ ‬פְרְעָנִיוֹת‭, ‬וְי‭ ‬ַאֲרִיך‭ . ‬ְ‭ ‬י‭ ‬ִתְבָּרַך‭ ‬אֲלָהָא‭ ‬דְרַבִּי‭ ‬מֵאִיר‭, ‬עֲנֵנִי‭! (‬ג‭”‬פ‭). ‬ְ‭ ‬אֶקְרָא‭ ‬כָּ‭ ‬ַ‭ ‬ל‭ ‬היוֹם‭. ‬אֶקְרָא‭ ‬לֵאל‭ ‬ֹהִים‭ ‬עֶלְיוֹן‭, ‬לָאֵ‭ ‬ֵ‭ ‬ל‭ ‬גמר‭ ‬עָלָי‭. ‬חָנֵּנִי‭ ‬אֲד‭ ‬ֹנָי‭ ‬כִּי‭ ‬אֵלֶיך‭ ‬ּ‭ ‬ַ‭ ‬ר‭ ‬ע‭ ‬ַ‭ ‬ל‭ ‬ח‭ ‬ֵ‭ ‬טאתינוּ‭ ‬לְמַעַן‭ ‬ְ‭, ‬וְהַצִילֵנוּ‭ ‬וְכַפֶ‭ ‬עֶזְרֵנוּ‭ ‬אֱל‭ ‬ֹהֵי‭ ‬יִשְׁ‭ ‬עֲ‭ ‬ַ‭ ‬נוּ‭ ‬על‭ ‬דְבַר‭ ‬כְּבוֹד‭ ‬שְׁ‭ ‬מֶך‭ ‬ְ‭, ‬עֲשֵ‭ ‬ׂה‭ ‬לְמַעַן‭ ‬ְ‭, ‬עֲשֵ‭ ‬ׂה‭ ‬לְמַעַן‭ ‬תּוֹרָתָך‭ ‬ְ‭, ‬עֲשֵ‭ ‬ׂה‭ ‬לְמַעַן‭ ‬יְמִינֶך‭ ‬ְ‭. ‬עֲשֵ‭ ‬ׂה‭ ‬לְמַעַן‭ ‬שְׁ‭ ‬מֶך‭ ‬שְׁ‭ ‬מֶך‭ ‬ְ‭ ‬ִ‭ , ‬ה‮’‬‭ ‬צוּרי‭ ‬וְגאֲלִי‭: ‬

Le’ilui nish ma ei to shl ravi y me’ir ba’al hannes, kedei hu, vi zechut ravi y me’ir ba’al hannes, yatzileni li ul ish ti m chal dosh baruch shei haka choli um chal ke’ev. Venih hei v ri i m, doshei nim vera’anannim ush ketim. V tzilenv m chal yameinu batov vesh ei notnu ban’i i mm, la’a vavodto tzarah um cha i l mnei fere’aniyot, v arich . tebarach alaha derabbi me’ir, aneni!  ekra ka a l hyom. Ekra lel him elyon, la’ei ei l gmr alai. Chonneni ad nai ki eleich a r a l ch ei ttnu lema’an , vehatzilenu vechafei ezrenu el hei yish a a nu l devar kevod sh mech , ashei h lema’an , ashei h lema’an toratach , ashei h lema’an yeminech . Ashei h lema’an sh mech sh mech i , h’ tzur veg’ali.

תפילה‭ ‬מקובלת‭ ‬וסגולה‭ ‬נפלאה‭ – ‬לאמרה‭ ‬על‭ ‬כל‭ ‬דבר‭ ‬בקשה‭, ‬בעת‭ ‬נתינת‭ ‬צדקה‭ – ‬לעילוי‭ ‬נשמת‭ ‬התנא‭ ‬האלוקי‭ ‬רבי‭ ‬מאיר‭ ‬בעל‭ ‬הנס‭ ‬זיע‭”‬א‭: ‬לשם‭ ‬יחוד‭ ‬קודשא‭ ‬בריך‭ ‬הוא‭ ‬ושכינתיה‭ ‬בדחילו‭ ‬ורחימו‭ ‬לייחד‭ ‬שם‭ ‬וכו‭’ ‬בשם‭ ‬כל‭ ‬ישראל‭. ‬אלקא‭ ‬דמאיר‭ ‬ענני‭, ‬אלקא‭ ‬דמאיר‭ ‬ענני‭, ‬אלקא‭ ‬דמאיר‭ ‬ענני‭. ‬הריני‭ ‬נותן‭ ‬לצדקה‭ ‬עבור‭ ‬ישיבת‭ ‬רבי‭ ‬מאיר‭ ‬בעל‭ ‬הנס‭ – ‬אור‭ ‬תורה‭, ‬סך____‭ ‬לשם‭ ‬נשמת‭ ‬אבותינו‭ ‬אבות‭ ‬העולם‭ ‬אברהם‭ ‬יצחק‭ ‬ויעקב‭, ‬ולשם‭ ‬נשמת‭ ‬התנא‭ ‬רבי‭ ‬מאיר‭ ‬בעל‭ ‬הנס‭, ‬יהי‭ ‬רצון‭ ‬מלפניך‭ ‬ה‭’ ‬אלוקינו‭ ‬ואלוקי‭ ‬אבותינו‭ ‬כשם‭ ‬ששמעת‭ ‬את‭ ‬תפלתם‭ ‬ועשית‭ ‬עמהם‭ ‬נסים‭ ‬ונפלאות‭ ‬גלויים‭ ‬ונסתרים‭, ‬וכשם‭ ‬ששמעת‭ ‬את‭ ‬תפלת‭ ‬עבדך‭ ‬מאיר‭ ‬ועשית‭ ‬עמו‭ ‬נסים‭ ‬ונפלאות‭ ‬כן‭ ‬תהא‭ ‬נא‭ ‬שעת‭ ‬רחמים‭ ‬ועת‭ ‬רצון‭ ‬מלפניך‭ ‬לעשות‭ ‬עמדי‭ (‬פב‭”‬פ‭) ‬נסים‭ ‬ונפלאות‭ ‬גלויים‭ ‬ונסתרים‭, ‬ותשמע‭ ‬תפלת‭ ‬עבדך‭ ‬ביום‭ ‬הזה‭ (‬כאן‭ ‬יפרט‭ ‬בקשתו‭ ‬המיוחדת‭) ‬ותתן‭ ‬אותי‭ ‬ואת‭ ‬כל‭ ‬בני‭ ‬ביתי‭ ‬וכל‭ ‬עמך‭ ‬בית‭ ‬ישראל‭ ‬בכל‭ ‬מקום‭ ‬שהם‭ ‬לטובה‭ ‬ולברכה‭ ‬לישועה‭ ‬ולנחמה‭, ‬לחן‭ ‬ולחסד‭ ‬ולרחמים‭, ‬ותשלח‭ ‬רפואה‭ ‬שלימה‭ ‬לחולי‭ ‬עמך‭ (‬ובפרט‭ ‬לחולה‭ ‬פב‭”‬פ‭) ‬ותזמין‭ ‬לנו‭ ‬פרנסתינו‭ ‬מידך‭ ‬המלאה‭ ‬הפתוחה‭ ‬הקדושה‭ ‬והרחבה‭, ‬ותצילנו‭ ‬מכל‭ ‬צרה‭ ‬וצוקה‭,‬‭ ‬ותוציאנו‭ ‬מאפילה‭ ‬לאורה‭, ‬וימלאו‭ ‬כל‭ ‬משאלות‭ ‬לבנו‭ ‬לטובה‭, ‬מעתה‭ ‬ועד‭ ‬עולם‭ ‬אמן‭ ‬סלה‭. ‬

prayer to find lost objects (It Works) is said 3 times in a row:

אמר רבי בנימין, הכל בחזקת סומין, עד שהקדוש ברוך הוא מאיר את עיניהם. מן הכא, ויפקח אלוקים את עיניה ותרא באר מים, ותלך ותמלא את החמת. אלהא דמאיר ענני, אלהא דמאיר ענני, אלהא דמאיר ענני. בזכות הצדקה שאני נודב לעילוי נשמת רבי מאיר בעל הנס, זכותו יגן עלינו, למצוא את האבידה שאיבדתי.

Prayer for finding lost objects

Rabbi Binyamin said: All are in the presumed status of blind people, until The Holy One, Blessed Be He, enlightens their eyes.
(Bereishit 21:19), “And God opened her eyes, and she saw a well of water; and she went, and filled the bottle with water, and gave the lad drink.” [the well was always there, but Hagar did not see it. Only after praying did G-d open her eyes and she saw what was already there.].    (Say three times:) G‑d of Meir answer me x3 In the merit of the charity which I am donating for the sake of the soul of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness may I find (—) which I have lost.  -The origins of this statement is in the Talmud (Avodah Zarah 18a-b)

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