Say these excerpts from the 3 Tzadikim whos Hilulah Yartzite it is today, and in their merit, if it is the ratzon of Hashem we will see salvation!

Rav Avraham from Kalisk (teveria)-

ach hainyan hu sheHashemYitbarach, metave le tefila shel tzadikim. Akume matzmetzim um mestirim rachmanuto, ve ose ratzon hatzadik kedey she yeoreru atzman betehorotea, beatrota delatta ulevakesh rachamin Milfanov ben hamichate lifny aviv, vezeu tanugim ve shashuin lifny Yitbarach.  ve ein tzarich learich…

Moshe Lieb from Sasov

-. ki hasimcha be avodah yorey al gadol amanutcha ba Hashem ileumat ze shehu be etzbeot maare shechorah harei she alul hu laavor be nekel al kol ha Torah, veim nechlat bedatchat she ata eved le melech gadol, lo domiya tehila ma meod yesh lecha lismoach. mehulala ikrah Hashem umin oyvay hoshiah. (psalms 18) sheikar haavoda Hashem Yitbarach hu be simcha uvchedva ki im adam mevakesh tefiloto beatzvut ein lo bitachon shyismah Hashem Yitbarach tefilato, ach im toch simcha hu mevakesh me Hashem Yitbarach ve sot memeyla ba vakshato.

The Baba Sali –

The Holy Baba Sali did not speak on Shabbos (except for words of a mitzvah such as Torah, prayer, Shabbos songs, etc.). The reason is that it says in the Torah that Hashem “rested” on Shabbos from creating the world. What does it mean He rested? Did He have computers and bricks? No. It means He rested from speaking. For this reason, Baba Sali did not speak (to emulate Hashem, which is the purpose of life) The Baba Sali kept “Shemiras HaLashon,” guarding one’s speech to an exceptional degree, Meaning he would not say anything negative on his fellow as well as nothing that could in some way cause him harm.  Also “Shemiras Eynayim,” guarding one’s eyes, to avoid witnessing unholy behavior or immodesty.

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