Online Comprehensive Semicha Ordination Track

we strive to make learning advanced Halacha more accessible to everyone, focusing in particular on the necessary, practical knowledge without neglecting the foundations. We want to make well-rounded Rabbis with knowledge not only in contemporary life questions but a thorough knowledge of the texts and how to find answers.  Developing Halacha study skills and acquiring a broad base of knowledge on how to connect Halacha with Kabbalah Spirituality and Jewish Meditation. Students will acquire the tools to identify the deeper themes in the material and learn how to deliver those insights to others through their own teaching.

A Rabbi requires the knowledge and the skills to provide basic Halachic determinations and to recognize more complex questions to refer to a higher authority. Through a comprehensive curriculum focused on a basic working level of the material, we enable the student to expand his knowledge and hone his skills. The Semicha course comprises the classic areas Kashrut, the laws of Shabbat, family relations, the laws of marriage, mourning, the synagogue, and much more.

Testing throughout the process ensures knowledge retention. Our Hebrew-speaking students are also encouraged to take the Semicha examinations of the Israeli Chief Rabbinate.

Enhance the skills you will need in midos development, specifically designed for future leaders, that traverses sources from Chazal to modern-day mussar greats.

Since most of this program is online via self-paced archive study, Your desire to become a Rabbi will need to drive your learning and journey.


There are 3 levels to the program.

Anyone can join  Level 1   without a commitment to learning for Semicha. This allows those who would prefer the flexibility to their schedule of learning without being committed to a specific target and goal with the option of continuing to the Second Level.  This level is completely free and online. (those wishing to get tested can pay a small fee and get a certificate of completion in each field of learning) Online Class playlist links 1 2 3


Level 2 has more commitment which allows one to be a practicing Rabbi in Hutz La Aretz.

(In Israel one must pass the exams of the Chief Rabbinate, this program will for sure prepare him to succeed, but the exams are in Hebrew)

To receive Semicha one must fill out our application, along with sending us a letter of recommendation from your Rav verifying that he knows you well, that you are Shomer Torah and Mitzvos WITHOUT Compromise, and that you are known to keep all Halachos.  If accepted you will be able to pursue a semicha certification at the end of the successful completion of the program. Please be advised that we, reserve the right to reject anyone from receiving semicha at any time, if this happens you will not receive a refund. Receiving semicha is a privilege and not something you pay for, it has to be earned. we do not sell semichas.

Click here to join level 2 of the program 


Level 3. The Special quality of King David Kabbalah is the combination of Halachah and Kabbalah.  We believe that a real Rabbi in our generations must have the ability to answer spiritual questions and direct his congregation to grow spiritually on the foundations of Halachah.  Those who will be accepted to the Semicha program level 2 may add another dimension to their learning program.  With all of the online courses, we offer, after getting tested the programs will be added to the Semicha certificate.    This means you will have the possibility and support to learn all the foundations of the real heritage of the Kabbalah as it is taught here in Yerushalayim’s old city, including historical backgrounds and a general understanding of great kabbalists and their Torah.  Practical guidance to use Jewish meditations (kavvanot) on behalf of yourself and others will be given.

Level 3 is optional For those how fond qualifying students of Semicha Curriculum Level 2

1.   Halacha Methodology

  • online archived classes on the Tur with Biet Yosef, Shulchan Aruch, and Mishna Berurah.  Students delve into Halacha issues including basar ve-chalavhilchos Shabbos, as well as ta’aroveshagalas kelim, hilchos niddah, and avelus. From the beginning.   Also, additional classes address contemporary issues confronting Rabbonim today.  Many classes will be given on how to infuse spirituality to excite jews to do Torah through Kabbalah

2.   Students will undertake an independent study

  • (individually, or with chavrusa) learn the texts

3.  Students will need to give several discourses via google hangouts or skype

3.  Students will need an apprenticeship. if they decide to be a “rav poseq” (decision-making), for certain areas.  (such as maarot and shechita) (not available online)

  • This mandatory fieldwork will give them hands-on experience in a controlled environment.

4.  Tests and exams

Men who have completed the whole curriculum and passed the tests online will need to come to Yerushalayim to finish the procedure. (special circumstances may be made for those who can get to Israel one of our Yeshivas abroad.)


Students who complete all materials, course exams, and bekiut test and the special semicha curriculum will receive Orthodox semicha issued from Yeshivat Nefesh HaChaim and signed by its Rabbis’ is an Orthodox institution.

As of now, we do not offer placements but will highly recommend serious students.


Semicha certificate and linage

Semicha lineage from Rav to talmid from Moshe Rabenu to you

Rav to Student linage from the Rashash to Rav Shepherd

Semicha certificate (subject to change)


The Rosh Yeshiva, Rav Yakov Avraham Shepherd, for over 13 years has been studying by some of the greatest kabbalists, has received semicha in yore yore yodin yodin, by Harav Mordechai Goldstein, Rav Yehuda Deri, Even Ezer (kidushin) Rav Rafael Sadin Isur ve Heter,  and Ha Rav Shalom Aramati in Shechita. Rav Shepherd has learned under many kabbalists, though most of his learning was done under HaRav Israel AviChai, the Rosh Yeshiva of the kabbalistic Yeshiva Bet El of the old city (which is one of the most ancient kabbalistic Yeshivas that carries the heritage of the holy Rashash. [see lineage picture from the Rashash to Rav Shepherd) Rav Yakov Avraham Shepherd has been teaching Halacha for over 16 years and Kabbalah for more than seven years in different yeshivas, Published books and Siddurim that many people internationally.  and he now has the opportunity to help Klal Yisrael in teaching an Online Semicha.





In addition, many Rabbanim has joined the programs as a review of their learning so they may better serve their congregations.

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