Besrat Hashem, we will start a new shechita semicha cycle, through zoom 2 times a week going through Shulchan Aruch w/commentaries in Hebrew, everything explained Besrat Hashem in English.

Course Objectives

Creating Foundations – Full Understanding of the laws of shechita and Trafas. 

Professional Shechita Skills – Hands-on skills, and anatomical knowledge required to shecht with  assurance, and competence.

Expert Knife Work –Sharpening the chalif for consistent results with ease.

The halachic (theory) portion of our course is a almost fully-virtual, standalone program that is prerequisite to  the hands-on portion of the course.  Hours of Zoom lectures, quizzes and tests that will teach you all of hilchos shechita

  • Sharpening and preparing the knife

  • Laws of Shechita

  • Laws of Shehiya

  • Laws of Kisui Hadam

  • Laws of Hagrama and Ikkur

  • Laws of inspection after Shechita

  • Laws of Terafos

  • Laws of the Reyah

  • Laws of the Techol

  • Laws of the Klayos

  • Laws of Bnei Hameyayim

  • Laws of Ragley Habeheima

  • Learning its different segments of the Animals
  • Checking of the lungs
  • Hands-on Shechita 
  • Halachic and Performance Exam including the successful shechting of 3 small birds 3 chickens 3 big birds 3 behema daka, 3 behema gasah
  • And More…

Completion of the halachic course will make one eligible to take the hands-on training course by us (or another program in their area.)


We do our best to get our students certified, we cannot guarantee certification. Our ability to give hoda’a depends on the participant’s success in performing the necessary tasks and in passing the requisite tests. 


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