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Adam had one positive commandment and one negative commandment. Noach was given 7. This is indicative of something on the spiritual plane. It shows that since the spiritual level went down, the restrictions must rise up to 7. From Noach’s time until today we have even more restrictions.

All restrictions are there for our spiritual elevation. How so?

We can use a parable of a ladder to help us explain this. In order to climb a ladder you need to push down and the pushing down causes you to rise. The same is with all the negative and restrictive commandments you must push down your Yetzer Hara [evil inclination] in order to do them. When you push down this causes you to rise.

Why did Adam only have one commandment and Noach was given 7?  Let us use the parable of the ladder to help us explain this. Someone with longer legs needs fewer rungs to get to the top of the ladder. Someone with shorter legs needs more rungs. Adam had a huge, unfathomably big Neshama [soul] so he could climb to the top with only one restrictive commandment. Noach had a smaller Neshama so he needs 7. Today we need more in order for us to climb.

It is important to have in mind that while you climb and get spiritual elevation that you are coming closer to Hashem. Every time you don’t do something that is not allowed you are pushing down your Yetzer Hara and climbing the ladder and getting closer to Hashem.

Take upon yourself to do something, and while you are doing it, keep in that you are coming closer to Hashem while doing this.

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