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The 10 Commandments: Shabbat

Parashat Yitro is when the giving of the Torah happens. During this magnificient event, the 10 Commandments were given. The fourth of these commandments is to remember the Shabbat, as it is stated:

זָכ֛וֹר֩ אֶת־י֥֨וֹם הַשַּׁבָּ֖֜ת לְקַדְּשֽׁ֗וֹ

Remember the sabbath day and keep it holy. (Exodus 20:8)

Zachor(remember) it’s a similar word to zachar(masculine). The Zohar explains that the secret of the masculine quality is taking the parts from the upper worlds. This is accomplished through the preparation for Shabbat during the weekdays. By having in mind the Shabbat during the week is how the Shabbat comes to be holy, comes to be remembered. 

The Zohar says that there is a higher covenant between Hashem and the Jewish people where there is no place for forgetfulness. There are Angels that are in charge to remind the positive and negative things a person do. When a person keeps Shabbat, it provoques as if Hashem would forget about the wrong doing the person did. It also goes the other way around, if the person do not keep Shabbat accordingly, Hashem, as if, forgets about the good deeds that the person did. 

One of the main points of this parashat according to the Zohar is that the more honor is given to the Shabbat the more holiness would be reached. The highest potential of elevation happens only during Shabbat, which is achieved through the proper keeping of Shabbat and by giving it the proper honor.  

The way to successfully keep Shabbat is my learning all of the halachot (laws)and keep them. By keeping the halachot a vessel is created to contain a certain light that comes down in Shabbat. The real spiritual elevation only happens through learning and keeping the halachot. 


The elevation of Shabbat really starts on Friday going higher and higher as the day goes by. The Shabbat dinner is called by the Zohar as the Field of the Holy Apples. Malchut is represented by the field which is also the Shechkina. This field comes to be a field of holy apples only on Shabbat because the Malchut receives a special light from Arich Anpin. 


As Shabbat goes by  tikkunim are being done at an internal level and external level. The Shabbat prayers complete an internal tikun while the Shabbat meals complete an external aspect of the tikun. It is important to emphasize that Shabbat is not only a day to be spiritual and only focus on spiritual matters. Shabbat comes to teach that a person needs to have balance in his life. As much effort as a person invests in the physical realms is as much as he should invest in the spiritual realms. In Shabbat we take car of both aspects: Physical and spiritual through the prayers and the meals.   

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