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The Ba-al Shem Tov Meditation for prayer and Torah Learning
Hashem tells Noach to build an arc and within the ac to have one window. (Tzohar) So that when he is in the arc he will have light.  Rashi gives 2 explications to what is the Tzohar, one is a window and the other is a precious stone that makes light. We know that in Hebrew Teva, תיבה, is not only an arc but is also the word for word.  The Baal Shem Tov explains that according to this principle we learn how to pray and study Torah. That we should apply the principle “צהר תעשה לתיבה” Tzohar Ta-ase Lateva to our prayers and Torah learning by bringing light into the words we say out.  Tevah is also the word for Chest (like a treasure chest) each word is a Tevah so it is like a trail of chests that we send to the upper worlds.  A present to the King of all kings.   think of what an embarrassment it is if those chests are found to be empty, and what are the treasures that we wish to fill these Tevahs up with and send to the heavens.  We are filling these chests with the emotions and feelings of our hearts.  When we do this Hashem also adds His infinite light to fill the Tevahs.
The Baal Shem Tov calls this Olamot Neshamot and Elokut, Literally translated to worlds, souls, and Godliness.  The words of the prayers and the Torah are those words. Every world and even every letter is a whole world.  When we are bringing our hearts into the prayer this is neshamot, we fill the world with our soul.  Lastly, the Light of Hashem comes down and creates unity and this is called Elokut, Godliness.  This is the potential that Hashem gave us for our prayer and Torah learning.  Every time we have an opportunity to pray and say out words of Torah we have an opportunity for this whole meditation. Making ourselves to be a Tzadik like Noach that comes into the Tevah surrounded by the letters of the Torah and Tefillah and then Hashem surrounds us with His infinite light.
We invite you to listen to the classes we put on the Youtube channel on Jewish meditations and learn how to practice and apply the Kabbalistic meditations to fill yourself and the world around you with the revealed goodness of Hashem.
Therefore especially on this Shabbos, let us put in extra effort to attach ourselves to a higher level than we are used to. With this, we will gain an extra awareness and desire to do better deeds and improve our thoughts and aspirations. Subsequently, we will receive great physical and spiritual blessings.
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Another way to do this Meditation Definitely not the only:
Either before you start to learn or Pray, take a minute or two, who are you standing before? what would you like? Think of things you are grateful for, think of how only Hashem can provide you with what you need and you know beyond a doubt that all that Hashem does is for the good,
Open your book and imagine you are gathering treasure chests Presents for your creator who constantly takes good care of you.
See in your heart that with each word you say with pure intentions and understanding you are filling the Chest and sending it up.
and with the next word you fill yet another
till you have a beautiful chain of chests full of light and holiness connecting you to the source of it all.
New Opportunity to join in Spreading the light of Kabbalah.
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