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The Hebrew word for ‘words’ is “TAIVOT” which also means chests or boxes. It is called this because just like a chest can either be empty or full, so too a person’s words can be empty or full

You are sending these ‘boxes’ to the King of all Kings.

You can have one of two outlooks.

  1. You just want to satisfy the taxman so he will sign off that you did indeed send the boxes
  2. You really and truly want to send a nice present to the King

So too every prayer can be empty or full.

If you want to send a nice present to the King, make the extra effort to fill up those ‘boxes’ with good things.

Fill them with expressions of love and gratitude for all of what you have been through in your life. Fill them with your hopes and dreams of what you are asking for yourself and the people around you in the coming year.

Fill them with whatever it is that you have within your heart.

It is definitely worth it for you to put extra time, attention, and feeling to penetrate into the words of the prayer and fill each one of these holy boxes.

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