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The Meditation of "The Absorption of the Blood"

When the external forces grab spark the result is that Hashem grabs the nai of ABA from the nai of IMA. So the external forces would not get to the nai of ABA. All this process, as a consequence, ends up in a “sickness” of SER ANPIN. The nai of ABA is the י–ה–ו–ה and IMA ‘S is “EKIE”. Therefore, when the nai of ABA is removed, the nai of IMA becomes backwards; which is the gematria of “dam (blood)”.

One of the main goals of this meditation is to bring back the nai of ABA into IMA, since IMA is in a state of “ribua”. They have to be combined, meaning: the י–ה–ו–ה with the ribui of IMA (EKIE) within Zer Anpin. The result of this combination is the combination of the י–ה–ו–ה with EKIE (not in a ribui form anymore)in the nai of IMA. 

To explain this process the Arizal brings a parabole: it is like a newly born that cannot have a Brit Milah because the organ is too red. So it has to be cleared from the blood for it to be able to go through the Brit Milah. 

The meditation of the Absorption of the Blood is done every day for the 5 Chasadim and the 5 Gevurot. These 5 Chasadim and 5 Gevurot have to be done to the Sefira corresponding to each day of the “Counting of the Omer”. 

Once the “Absorption of the Blood” meditation is done, the EKIE is now straight. At the time of saying the Sefirat HaOmer it has to be brought to the front of NUKVA when it is said “HaYom” to the front of Zer Anpin. When the words “ Sefirat HaOmer” are pronounced, the “Reshei Tevot (First letter of each word)” are ס – ה which is the gematria of “Adnei” which is the front of NUKVA. 

In short, the full meditation of the blessing of “Counting the Omer” is as follows: 

When the “Absorption of the blood” meditation was done to the “Shem AVAYA”, of the blessing, was for the back side of ZUN. After “Melech HaOlam” we go into the front. Then at the part when the words “Sefirat HaOmer” are pronounced we bring the MOCHIN into the front of NUKVA. Finally the word: “HaYom” to bring the MOCHIN into the front of Zer Anpin. So the EKIES that were in ribui in the back, became to be straight and to enlighten the front of Zer Anpin. 

More about this meditation

The source of all of the abundance is the Ein Sof. The regular path that the abundance follows is all the way “down” to ZUN. There is a possibility to draw abundance from any point between Ein Sof and ZUN. The logic says that the most beneficial point to draw abundance is directly from Ein Sof. But, the Kabbalistic Sages bring that the usual points to connect are ABA and IMA that are the final points of ZUN. 

To explain this better, there are 5 Chasadim and 5 Gevurot that are formed from Atik to Arich. Through the revelation from Atik to Arich, the building process of the partzufim of ABA and IMA is taking place. When ABA and IMA have unity, the result is the Mochin that comes down to ZUN. So, ZUN receives the Chasadim and Gevurot from ABA and IMA which is the abundance that actually gives “life” to ZUN. Therefore, it can be said that the connection between ABA and IMA is not only within Zer Anpin but also before. For practical purposes, the meditation of unity of ABA and IMA is done within Zer Anpin.  


To connect the nai of ABA with the nai of IMA is a way of saying that ABA and IMA are having unity. This unity has not only the purpose to “give birth” to ZUN, but to give sustenance and prepare it for its unity. 


It says in the beginning of Shemot that all of the generation of that time, (when jews were in Egypt) they all died. At some point the generation lost the faith that Avraham Avinu established for his generations. The gemara in the tractate of Shabbat discusses if “Am Israel” is above the mazal or if it is influenced by it. The question goes as further as if jewish people should learn about the kabbalistic astrology or not. From the side that there is no mazal to Israel it wouldn’t be relevant to learn it. From the conclusion of the gemara it can be inferred that it depends. If “Am Israel” is spiritually elevated then they would be above the mazal; but if the opposite happens then they would get subjugated to the mazal. To be elevated it has to be Israel, and to be Israel means to do all what is required from a jew. Then you can say that Israel is above the mazal. By losing the tradition, the generation of Egypt, they put themselves under the effect of whatever constellation was active at that point in time. 


Whenever there are hard times, maybe, the meditation of the “absorption of the blood” could help to sweeten the judgements. As the Arizal brings: that since the “blood was not absorbed” the Egyptians took the blood from the jewish babies. It has to be noted that it is not a simple task to make this type of inferences. But, it definitely should be taken as a lesson that as long as “Am Israel” is doing what they are supposed to; the whole system will be in order. 

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