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What is the quality of Elul? We know that preparation for the 10 days of awe is a part of it, but besides for that, what is the month of Elul itself?

It says in Sefer Yetzirah that the month of Elul has

  • The letter Yud,
  • it is about the actions of a person using the left side,
  • and the zodiac sign of Betula “Virgo”.

We know that the left side is Gevura. Our Sages say: “Ayzehu Gibor? Hakovesh et Yitzro” “Who is mighty? One who controls his lusts”. In this month, we have an opportunity to come closer to Hashem by controlling our actions (which btw is much easier than controlling the speech and thoughts).

Elul has the power that we can make ourselves pure and untainted, like the zodiac sign. This means that we can bring ourselves to a place of purity it can be as if we never tasted the things of this world.

We are accustomed to thinking of ourselves that we know everything and are worldly. This means that we tasted this physical world.
Because of this, subsequently, we desire and lust for this world.

The power of this month is to bring youreself to the place of before. Before you tased this world, similar to the concept of Adam HaRishon before the Chet (Adam and Eve before the sin).

We can bring ourselves to the feeling of “All I want is Hashem nothing else. Nothing in the world interests me but Hashem.”

This is the unique power in this month.

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