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Tu B'Av is an auspicious day for finding your zivug

Let the rabbi pray for you AT...

Rabbi Meir Bal Hanes Kever

One of the most famous sites in all of the Holy Land. Rabbi Shepherd is giving you the opportunity to pray for you to find soulmate at the tomb of Rabbi Meir. 

Rabbi Yonathan ben Uziel

In Amuka, people from all over the world come to daven to have the merit of finding their soulmate. It is within the Jewish tradition that praying to Hashem in the merit of Rabbi Yonathan ben Uziel has a big power to find your significant one. 

Rabbi Shepherd and his team are often going to holy sites to pray for all of his students. 

Tu B'av

What happened?

The 15th of Av was a day of joy and happiness, the maidens of Israel would come out to the fields and the vineyards saying: “Young one, look what you pick for yourself. Look for the interior. The charm is deceitful and beauty is worth nothing; a woman who fears G-d should be praised!”  

Some of the events that happened on the 15 of Av are : 

  • The tribes of Israel were aloud to intermarriage between them
  • Benjamin’s tribe was aloud to return to the community
  • The dead of Beitar were aloud to be buried

Take advantage of this holy day and make a donation for the merit of finding your soulmate

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