In this course you will learn:

  • How to connect to Hashem in a deep way

  • The mechanisms of the mind

  • The power of personal prayer (Hitbodedut)

  • How to instantly achieve inner peace

  • Ancient and potent meditative techniques

  • How to draw down blessings from Above

  • And a lot more!

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I discovered a spiritual universe hidden in plain sight with many shortcuts and secrets and kavanot that I never thought existed, following the daily Kabbalist classes of Rav Shepherd made me understand that he and his Yeshiva comply with the verse in Micha 4: 2 “Come, lets go to the house of the GD of Yaakov, and let Him teach us of His ways, so we will go in His paths, for out of Zion shall the Torah come forth, and the word of the Lord from Yerushalayim “.

Moreover, knowing the quality of teaching taught by Rav Shepherd, I decided to make Aliyah to Eretz Israel, to Mount Zion, and learn sitting at the foot of a true mekubal.

Moshe Dardon

Rav Yacov Shepherd helped me to reconnect with my Judaism.

I found great solace in his meditations and I’m reminded of how much I long to return to Jerusalem. The Rav is a great man and I respect him so much. I consider him to be my Rav. I’m grateful that he is working to help the Jews in the diaspora and In Israel to reconnect with the spark within us.

Thank you Rav from the bottom of my heart.

Jonathan Eli

Rav Yakov Shepherd’s books are very valuable because it gives us the opportunity to drink from the original sources of the Kabbalah, and doubly valuable because of the unveiling of secrets that we can apply in our daily lives.

Arturo Montiel
join today for only $67!

25-hours-long videos to you to learn the deep secrets of reaching your full potential!

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We all know how life can often take our balance away. But peace doesn’t come by sitting isolated from society.

Hashem expects us all to become strong to face our challenges and perform our mission in life. And strong people have strong minds.

That’s why we created the Ultimate Kabbalistic Meditation Course, so we can all learn the ancient techniques to draw down power and blessings in our lives!

join today for only USD 67!

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