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Which month is Cancer?

What month is Cancer? What are the special qualities of the month of Cancer?

Did you ever wonder what is the month of Cancer according to Kabbalah?

What are the special character traits of the month and what should you focus on during this month?

Cancer is from June 21st to July 22nd. The zodiac month of Cancer corresponds to the Jewish month of Tammuz.

The duality of the zodiac month of Cancer

The Midrash says an incredible thing. What were Yaakov and the angel of Eisav fighting over? The Midrash answers that they were fighting over the year. They were fighting over who controls time itself. Yaakov represents good and Esav represent evil. If you have Yaakov and the angel of Esav fighting about, clearly it is important. All time is important.

The angel of Esav succeeded in grabbing two months from Yaakov, the months of Tammuz, the zodiac sign of Cancer, and Av, the zodiac sign of Leo. Then Yaakov took the two ends back. [meaning the beginning of Tammuz and the end of Av].

So, all that the angel of Esav has is the end of Tammuz and the beginning of Av [which is the 3 weeks of mourning].

The beginning of Tammuz is from the part that Yaakov took back and is controlled by positivity and the end of Tammuz is controlled by Esav and negativity.

The month of Cancer in Sefer Yetzirah

All the zodiac is based on Sefer Yetzirah.

The zodiac sign for this month is a crab – Cancer. The letter of the month of Cancer is Het. The Sefer Yetzirah continues and says that there is a connection between Tammuz [Cancer] and the faculty of sight.

The Bnei Yissaschar adds that every month has a tribe also. We have 12 months and we have 12 tribes. How do you decide which tribe connects to each month? it goes according to the order of the tribes as they traveled in the desert. Yehuda is first etc.

The month of Cancer corresponds to the tribe of Reuvein. What is the connection between the month of Tammuz to Reuvain? Reuvain is related to eyesight. “Reu ben” which means “Look a son”. Reuvain has the same letters as “Reiah” which means eyesight.

Tammuz and Eyesight

Cancer is related to eyesight.

Eyesight has its duality. One can look at good and holy things or you can use your eyesight and see unholy and/or lustful things.

This month is mesugal for working on shemirat einayin and for visualizing things in meditations. Use the quality of the time to strengthen yourself in Avodat Hashem.

Eyesight is also related to your outlook on the world. Do you see good or do you see bad? What is your perspective on life? Is it positive? Or is it negative?

This means we need to strengthen our sight to look at positive things.

The month of Cancer [Tammuz] in the Torah

Historically what happened during Tammuz? What happened in the desert to Am Yisrael?

In this period of time, the sin of the spies happened. The spies saw all the negative things of Eretz Yisrael. The spies used the power of the month for the negative. They saw only the bad.

They didn’t do he Tikkun of sight, they saw only the negative. One thing we can learn is that we have to learn the middah [charachter trait] called Ayin Tov – to see good.

They say about David Hamelech that he was “Tov Roei” which means that he saw good. King David was searching and looking to see the positive.

The negativity of the month of Cancer

There is a pasuk in Yirmeyahu that it says the name ‘Tammuz’ is a name of an idol.

Where did the names of the Jewish months come from? In the Torah, we call the month by the number. But where did the names of the months that we use come from?

It says that the Jews brought the names from Bavel, not from the Torah.  It’s not so simple to call them by the names we have. But specifically, the month of Tammuz is difficult because it has the name of an idol.

The letters of the months of Tammuz and Av [according to Sefer Yetzirah] are Het and Tet. Het is for Tammuz and Tet is for Av.

If you look at the letters Het and Tet you will get the Hebrew word for sin. The word for sin ‘Chet’ is basically the letters of these two months [just with an Alef at the end]. Sin is one of the most negative things.

We know that within these months we have the 3 weeks. During the 3 weeks, we mourn the destruction of the Bet Hamikdash.  The Bet Hamikdash was destroyed because of the sins that the Jewish people did.

The Gemara says that whichever generation didn’t build the Bet Hamikdash is as if he destroyed it. This is because we didn’t do the Tikkun yet, and we are still mired in the same sins that they were then.

The Positivity of the Month of Cancer

If you see only the negative in someone it is very difficult to love them, and if you see only the bad in yourself it is very difficult to love yourself.

Why? Because the way that Hashem made human nature is to be attracted to good and repulsed by bad. Whether it is sickness or poorness or whatever it may be, anything we see as negative we don’t want to be part of it.

If you see the positivity in someone you will feel more love for them. If you see the positivity in yourself you will love yourself more.

Use the power of the month, sight, for the good. This will produce more feelings of love.

How can you work on being a more loving person? The first step is to love yourself and then work on loving others. Because if you don’t love yourself you can’t love someone else.

You must first start by loving yourself and bringing the light of Hashem down to you. Then, expand the feeling of love to people close to you, and then to people more distant and then to people more distant. Keep on expanding your circles.

The biggest tzaddik of the generation has all the people of the world in his circle and the whole creation. This is what makes them the leaders of the generation; because they can contain within them all of creation and give love to all.

The tricks of the Yetzer Hara

Looking on the positive side is tricky.

Firstly because our nature is to be critical and see the negative.

Secondly, we say to ourselves that “I need to see the negative because this will bring me to my Tikkun and fix the negative within me”. This is true in a way, everything must be in moderation. If you see only the good in your self you will come to haughtiness.

I have seen written in many sefarim and said by many tzaddikim that the balance between seeing the positive and seeing the negative is like a full bowl of positive to one small spoon of seeing the negative.

Put much more weight, time and effort to seeing the positive and only a bit toward seeing the negative, maybe half an hour to a full day or 5 minutes an hour.

The rest of the time see the good and pat yourself on the back. Why? Because the tendency today is to go towards depression and depression happens as a result of seeing the negative.

Why look at the positivity/Fixing the negativity of this month with the positivity

If you look at the positive you are connecting yourself to the positive Shefa [spiritual abundance and sustanance] that is coming from Hashem and that will strengthen you. After you get the strength you can use the strength to fix the negative.

For most people, it is dangerous to connect to the negative to fix it. When you play with mud you get dirty.

The negative side that we have been talking about is represented by the end of the month. After the 17th of Tammuz, during the 3 weeks, is the time to do the Tikkun.

We have the beginning of the month to do strengthen ourselves with the positive and then do the Tikkun on the end of the month.

When a person dedicates his life to bring goodness into the world and bring Tikkun then Hashem gives him more and more strength to do more Tikkun.

May we merit to use the quality of this month to see good in ourselves and within others, to bring light into the world that will give us the inspiration to do all the tikkunim! Amen!


    Very interesting reading. Imagine moshiach, who has agreed to come down and be born in this gilgul in order to search the muck and lift out the survivors…there is certainly a risk of becoming stuck himself. This is sometimes where stubbornness and confidence can be attributes. If the muck can’t change you, there is hope that you can change the muck. But if you can not change the muck, to descend into it is likely to result in disaster.

      That is correct. It is dangerous to descend into the Klipot if you are not ready. The Moshiach will be able to descend and bring out all the sparks that are stuck there.

    Well that is encouraging. I mean, moshiach can’t possibly screw it up…kind of. Chezkas moshiach could, but not moshiach Vadai. If someone was a potential heir to inherit the bad things that come to moshiach, he could falter and perhaps remove himself from contention in the process. But, if G-d has Chosen a specific individual, relentlessly, and theoretically decided that this person WILL be moshiach, or if the person is already moshiach Vadai by standard means of fulfillment of Phrophecy, regardless of whether those fullfilments have been seen, , he can not possibly mess up and should be encouraged to le’elah. I think this is why moshiach is revealed, concealed, and revealed again: it is a heavy load, you can’t exactly tell anyone about it, and yet mosgiach may be a dim wick, but he is never extinguished: he tires and energizes cyclically. May the present time be an upturn of the cycle, and may we finally see what is before our eyes.

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