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What month is Taurus?  The month of Taurus is from April 21st to May 21st. The month of Taurus corresponds to the Hebrew month of Iyar.

What months are Taurus? The months of Taurus are the end of April and the beginning of May.

Taurus has a number of special qualities including:

  • Spiritual enlightenment
  • Depth of thought
  • Revalation of the Secrets of Torah
  • Healing of the body

Someone born in this month has a natural inclination toward these. Also, during this month anyone, regardless of when they were born, will have a boost in these areas.

The Mystical Name of Iyar [Taurus]

Iyar is run by the mystical name יההו – the same Name used for the kavanah [mystical intention] of Rabbeinu Tam Tefillin. Tefilin, in general, draws Divine consciousness. However, there are two main types of Tefilin – Rashi and Rabbeinu Tam.

Rashi tefillin draw awareness of God in the world whereas Rabbeinu Tam tefillin bring awareness of God in the upper realms. Rabbainu Tam tefillin corresponds to the Sefira of Chochma.

The Mystical name of this month corresponds to Chochma. This means that the month of Taurus [Iyar] contains the special quality of being able to bring you to spiritual enlightenment. Someone born in this month has special abilities in these areas.

The month of Iyar [Taurus] and the Ma’an

It is known that the Ma’an [divine food] started to fall in Iyar. This has two implications one for spiritual enlightenment and the other for the healing of the body. Let us deal with the spiritual enlightenment for now and we will get to the healing of the body later

What does the Ma’an have to do with spiritual enlightenment? There is a statement of Chazal that “Lo nitna torah elah leochlei Ma’an” “The Torah was only given to a nation that was eating Ma’an”.  We see from here that the Giving of the Torah, which was the ultimate form of spiritual enlightenment, was the divine food called Ma’an.

The Ma’an started during the month of Iyar and during the zodiac sign of Taurus. We see from this that Iyar is a month of preparation for the giving of the Torah and in preparation for spiritual enlightenment.

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The Be’er Miriam and the month of Iyar

The Be’er Miryam [well of miraculous water] also started flowing in the month of Iyar. What is the significance of this?

There is a story of the Arizal, R’ Chaim Vital, and the Be’er Miryam. The story goes as follows:

Whatever the Arizal taught R’ Chaim Vital he would forget.

Because of this, the Arizal took him on a little boat in the Kinneret until he got to a certain point and filled a cup with water.

The Arizal and said “This is the place of Be’er Miryam, drink this water which came from Beer Miryam”.

R’Chaim Vital drank the water. After he drank it R’ Chaim Vital had the capacity to understand and remember the Torah of the Arizal which is the secrets of Kabbalah as we know it today.

We see the connection between the Be’er Miryam and understanding the Torah and specifically the secrets of the Torah ie: Kabbalah. Therefore this month is a special time for Kabbalah, which is the part of the Torah that deals with spiritual enlightenment.

Lag Beomer and Iyar

Lag Beomer is a prominent feature in the month of Iyar. It’s not by accident that Lag Beomer is in this month. Lag Beomer is the beginning of the revelation of the secrets of the Torah by Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai [Rashbi]. This is because the month of Iyar corresponds to Chochma, spiritual enlightenment, divine inspiration, and Kabbalah.

The Zohar was revealed on Lag Beomer. Lag Beomer is the beginning of the revelation of the Light that was Hidden, the Ohr Haganuz. This needs a little explanation. When Hashem made the world there was a special light that he created, the Ohr Haganuz. Hashem hid this light for the righteous and will enjoy it in the future during the times of Mashiach.

The Zohar contains hidden within it the Ohr Haganuz. Every time we learn the Zohar we reveal a bit more of that light until it is completely revealed with the coming of Mashiach.

The Ohr Haganuz was hidden in the Torah. The tzadikim that understand the secrets of the Torah have access to the Ohr Haganuz. We are able to access the light from the Zohar which was revealed in this month.

The Tribe of Iyar

The month of Iyar [Taurus] corresponds to the tribe of Yissachar [Issachar].  Yisaschar comes from the Dudaim of Reuvein and that story happened on Shavuot, that is another connection between Iyar and the Torah {See Bereishit ch 30 verses 14-18}.

“The children of Yissacher had special insight into times…” (Divrei Hayamim I 12:33)

The tribe of Yissachar had a special insight into the times. This means that they had a Higher Awareness and a depth of understanding. Anyone born in the month of Iyar and the Zodiac of Taurus has the higher awareness and spiritual enlightenment of Yissachar.

Iyar is the only month whose days are all part of Sefiras Ha’omer [Counting of the Omer]. An idea behind this is that you need to know the secrets of each day – how to make each day count. This is something that the people of Yissachar are good at, making each day count.

Yissachar and the Torah

Yissacher is outstanding in learning Torah as it says in the Midrash – “A person should always be like an ox to plow (strong to plow through new lessons)” This is the mazal of Taurus.

Torah affords Yissacher ability to hear with the right ear aspect. Right in Kabbalah is indicative of positivity and good. Put these together and the people of Iyar [Taurus] are people who zoom in on the positive right-sided Divinity in all speech, sound, noise. For instance, The Talmud often introduces proofs by saying “Come & hear” – listening is central to learning. One who is deaf is figuratively considered dead. The peak of hearing is learning and learning grants eternal life.

However, Yissachar’s hands ie: his power of action, are left hand focused. The left side in Kabbalah is indicative of strictness and judgment. A Taurus’s high standard requires self-discipline which comes from judgment- the left side.

Iyar and Healing Properties

Iyar is roshei taivot [acronom of] Ani Hashem Rofecha. This month is a good month for healing. There is a well-known segulah of the rain of Iyar. If you open your mouth and catch the rain in your mouth it has special healing properties.

The Ma’an started to fall during the month of Iyar [Taurus]. The Ma’an had within it healing properties. What this means is that the Ma’an was more spiritual food and it was exactly what the body needed. After eating the Ma’an nothing was excreted because the Ma’an was divine food from Hashem. Hashem knows exactly what our body needs. In the Ma’an nothing superfluous or toxic. [This is specifically related to the healing of the intestines.]

Therefore, Iyar has the quality of healing, and people who are born in Taurus have the ability to be healers.

Iyar and the Torah

We have been saying until now that the month of Iyar corresponds to spiritual enlightenment, divine inspiration, Kabbalah and the Torah.

But what happens when you stop learning Torah? What happens when you do not delve into spiritual enlightenment?

The war of Amalek was in Iyar. when you stop learning Amalek comes. Amalek represents the antithesis of spiritual enlightenment. Amalek is the belief system that everything happened by accident. There is no God and there is no providence. That is what Amalek says.

How do you fight that outlook? How do you turn back to Hashem and belief in divine providence?

The antidote to this the power of spiritual enlightenment hidden in Kabbalah. When you learn Kabbalah you come closer to belief in Hashem and the knowledge that everything is divinely ordained.

The strength that fights Amalek is the Bull [Taurus]. Yehoshua who went to fight Amalek came from Yosef who is likened to a Bull.

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