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Rabbi Shepherd, the Kabbalist from King David’s tomb- Mount Zion, Jerusalem, Israel. In his daily shiur: According to the Kabbalah of the Ramhal,
AND- A practice of true Kabbalistic Jewish meditation!
Kabbalistic Concepts of Jewish Meditation, for more information click on: – very recommended!!!

Hi, thank you for effort you are putting into spreading the light of Hashem through kabbalah, Like it, share it – it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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ישיבת המקובלים נפש החיים בקבר דוד המלך
שיעור הרב יעקב אברהם שפהרד שליט”א
לתרומה דרך כרטיס אשראי: 03-7630585
מספר שלוחה: 3072
או בקישור:

You can find out more about Kabbalah Meditation here

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