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Yichud is the name of Jewish meditative Advanced Techniques in an expression of our neshamah as its truly supposed to be. It’s brought down in different sources that the neshamah goes through great suffering due to the fact that it has to come to this physical dimension.

The parable that we can think of to understand this is that of the daughter of a king. She’s forced to go and to live the most simple basic life of peasants missing the Palace of her father all the time. This daughter of the King will treasure anything she will find coming from the palace. She will take it and try to get the most out of it. She will try to get again the connection to the experiences that she had when she was in the palace.

When we are privileged to practice those meditations correctly, it gives comfort to the neshama. This is because this is something that the Neshama was experiencing when she was in the heavens by Hashem.


The chocolate cake example

Consider someone has an experience, which is very physical, like eating chocolate. There is a possibility to just enjoy the senses. That gets the neshama the pleasure. But there is a way to relate to the pleasure and bring it back to the source of the pleasure, which is Hashem. So if you are taking the pleasure and you are trying to get the most out of the experience, it can be anything that is related to this world, all the different kinds of different lusts and desires. 

We are the vessels and the content is coming from Hashem. So if we are taking the advantage of the experiences that we have in this world to go back to the source of any experience of pleasure, then we can experience them in the physical Dimension or we can use it as a springboard to go higher to ascend.

This is the goal of Yichudim, of all the meditations: to be able to live our everyday life in a way that it everything will be related to Hashem. 

This can happen if someone has pleasure chocolate or anything else. And while he is experiencing that, he is thinking about Hashem. For some people it looks as if the intention will derive from the pleasure. When we are experiencing only the physical pleasure then only the lowest the part of our self which is an affect that is related with the physical will have the experience of the pleasure.



The basic awakening starts with the pure meditation to remove anything external that is pulling us down from being able to concentrate and connect to Hashem. It is a much harder and much higher level to be able to do this. So the first stage is first to  just do a meditation. Then we combine it with the prayer.

After a long period of time of practice, that person will be able to accomplish anything that he wants in his life. So in a way, there’s two points that go in opposite directions physical and spiritual. We would think that the practice of the meditation per se is the highest but it’s only the starting point. The experience of the physical is the lowest but it’s part of the end goal to be able to relate all the physical back to the spiritual.

The physical world, the physical Dimension is the furthest out. So those parts of spirituality called  the Sparks that fell into this physical Dimension fell the furthest because they are coming longer from the highest.

To be able to practice this technique of taking those Sparks and bringing them up, which is in a way rebuilding the Palace of Hashem. This is the hardest job to take the stones that fell furthest and to bring them up all the way to their original place. It is said according to the efforts will be the reward.

And what is the reward? Intimacy with Hashem.

The value of getting five minutes with a top lawyer is much more valuable than 3 hours with an average one. But you need to be able to make the effort.



If we would have some kind of beginning of understanding about Hashem, we would understand that there’s nothing bigger than Him. There’s nothing more valuable than intimacy with Hashem, it’s literally the top of everything. There’s nothing that is even compared to that in any way within all the pleasures of this world.

In that aspect we have to look on our ways in this world. Meaning, “whats bringing us closer to this intimacy?”. We have to value it and to give it a high priority. Find out what is taking us away from this intimacy and we have to run away from it.

It might sound simple, but it’s not. And this is because Hashem put us in the physical body that has all kinds of lust and desires and with the default mode is to be pulled by that and get away from the core of the intimacy of Hashem. Nevertheless, at the moment that the person is privileged to remember his position, he should take an action as soon as possible to get back to the beginning point of the connection with Hashem.

One point that is very important to remember is to be able to practice meditations and to keep our thoughts pure.

I remember myself when I was young. I went to my aunt to pick olives to make pickled olives. For a few hours I was picking olives and then I closed my eyes. Then I still saw all these olives in my mind’s eye. Therefore, I understood that anything that we see stays with us.

This is very similar in a way to eating. When someone has a certain diet and then he crashes with some kind of fattening food, he feels guilty afterwards. 

After repeating this process a few times the cheating is not as great. So it doesn’t cover the few hours of suffering afterwards. This is when he is ready to give up on it will take time until it sinks in and the person is ready to practice it, but that’s the  principle.

The bottom line is we want to connect to Hashem.

It means that in any part of our life the meditation and all kinds of the practice of the different Mitzvot and prayer and so on and also physical activities such as eating and sleep is to be able to bring everything back to its source.

What do you think about this?

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