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Leather Binding Kabbalistic Siddur Zichron Dovid – Second Edition

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Learn to pray with more feeling! Discover the true meaning of prayer

Siddur with the meditations of the Arizal in English for beginners and intermediate.

Using this siddur you will gain an appreciation for prayer and prayer will become much more enjoyable!

The most sought after Kabbalistic Siddur in English



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What is new in the second edition?

We added

  • many more explanations [more than  80 pages worth combined]
  • The  introduction was rewritten to include many more concepts and meditation techniques
  • we added new meditations that were not in the first edition in the prayers of Kiryat Shema and Amida
  • songs for Shabbat and Motzi Shabbat
  • many segulot for protection and blessings
  • A new section for the days of Nisan
  • and the three regalim
  • hundreds if not thousands of corrections
  • higher quality graphic designs sprinkled throughout the siddur used to explain the meditations and inspire
  • there is space at the end of the Siddur for note and names for people to pray for or lehavdil yartzits


Siddur with the meditations of the Arizal in English. With introductions to all the Kabbalistic concepts.

Siddur includes

  • Introductions to the Kabbalistic concepts
  • Weekday Prayers, Shacharit, Mincha, Arvit, Rosh Chodesh
  • Shabbat
  • Pesach
  • Shavuot
  • Sukkot
  • Chanukah and Purim

Sidur Zichron Dovid, Nusach Eidut Mizrach in Hebrew with English instructions explanations and kavanot for beginners.

Halachot according to the Ben Ish Chai, and Commentary by Rabbi Yakov A Shepherd.

  • Quality Leather Binding
  • color prozence
  • off white pages easily readable and soft
  • slip box to protect the Siddur

What is Siddur Zichron David?

Siddur Zichron David has all the prayers you will find in a regular siddur.

What sets it apart is the meditations of the Arizal – in English.

In Shaar Hakavannot (one of the writings of the Arizal) the Ari explains the mystical interpretations and meanings of much of the things we do.

In it, the Ariza”l explains there are spiritual worlds and concepts that we affect with our thoughts words and actions.

A large part of Shaar Hakavanot is dedicated to the understanding and the interpretations and mystical meanings of the siddur. Each section of prayer corresponds to a different spiritual world/plane. The Ari explains that during prayer we are ascending to different spiritual planes and dimensions, bringing down the light to them and to us.

From this perspective, the siddur is really a guide to meditation, and prayer is really a meditative experience.

Many siddurim have been written based on The Shaar Hakavanot (most famously the Siddur HaRashash) with commentaries and details how to do the meditations.

Siddur Zichron David is the first ever to have the meditations of the Arizal written in English. The siddur also has detailed introductions explaining the concepts in simple layman terms.

Using the siddur:

  • you will discover how to experience the divine bliss of prayer.
  • You will learn the deeper meaning of Davening and how to connect to the spiritual worlds.
  • With Siddur Zichron David prayer will no longer be a chore rather it will be something you look forward to.

You will add feeling to your prayer!


I don’t know anything about Kabbalah. Can I still use this Siddur?

  • Yes. There are introductions explaining everything, all the Kabbalistic concepts, how to use the siddur, even the laws pertaining to prayer. So yes, even if you don’t know anything about Kabbalah, Siddur Zichron David is for you. As well, we are in the process of creating a series of online videos explaining the Siddur. You can follow our online classes here.

I am only a beginner, is this siddur for me?

  • Yes. Siddur Zichron David is designed for beginners. The new concept that we brought to the world is bringing the Kabbalistic meditations to beginners. If you are a beginner, this is the Siddur for you. there are many instructional videos on our youtube channel teaching how to use this Siddur

How do I know if I am holy enough to do the meditations of the Arizal?

  • Holiness is a process. There is no place where you can say “Now I am holy enough”. We are all working on holiness and as long as you are on the path towards holiness that is enough. If you wait until you are “holy enough” you will never start. We are all working on holiness by doing things like going to the mikvah as much as we can, try to be married with shalom bayit, keep the mitzvot as much as we can, and learn Torah as much as we can. The message is that you do them all together. Use the siddur and work on holiness at the same time.

Can I use Siddur Zichron David like a regular siddur as well?

  • Yes. All of the additional Kabbalistic material is there as additions without subtracting from the text of the siddur at all. The Kabbalistic material in the Siddur is meant to help you pray with more feeling and to connect you more to G-d.

How do I know this is authentic Kabbalah, not just some heeby-jeeby made up stuff?

  • Good question. All of our sources are from the true Kabbalists, like the Arizal, Rashash, and Ben Ish Chai. Our sources are pure and there is no hidden agenda, and no heeby-jeeby made up stuff. Our tradition is from the authentic traditional Jewish Kabbalists, and our teachings are in line with theirs.

I don’t know how to read Hebrew.

  • That might be a slight problem. Although the Kabbalistic material is written in English, the text of the siddur is in Hebrew. This is not a translation of the text of the siddur, it is a translation of the commentary of the Kabbalists on the siddur. The siddur is in Hebrew, with English commentary.  So if you want it to learn the meditation and Kabbalah it will be good but to pray with you will need another siddur until you learn to pray in hebrew.

Can I use Siddur Zichron David on Shabbat?

  • Yes. The siddur includes prayers for the weekday,  Shabbat, and Rosh Chodesh. However, it does include prayers for Chag (Pesach Shavuot and Sukkot).

When will it be available to ship or buy at full price?

  • Beszrat Hashem soon, no later than the end of Shvat.

Will the cover be the same color?

  • No color may vary from the picture since the screens and lighting vary

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