“The learning of Kabbalah will take the children of Israel out of Exile” (Zohar)

King David Kabbalah is dedicated to the learning and the spreading of the knowledge of Kabbalah.

This website is a project of Yeshivat Nefesh HaChaim a subdivision of Diaspora Yeshiva. Yeshivat Nefesh Hachaim is a Beit Midrash for spiritual development through and Kabbalistic meditation and Healing.

All of our teachings come from authentic Jewish sources and are in accordance with the ancient writings of Jewish Mysticism (Kabbalah).

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Today is the Day – Baba Sali

  בס״ד Hillulah of the holy Baba Sali Known for the miracles he did and salvations he has brought many people. Thousands of people gather at his grave now. Also, a messenger of the Kabalist Yeshiva in King Davids tomb, praying on behalf of all the people who are learning, helping and supporting our project KingDavidKabbalah.com to join this circle [...]

5 Immediate Benefits the Study of Kabbalah Brings to Your Life

Thinking about how studying Torah benefits you should be the last thing on your mind. This is particularly true about Kabbalah which in essence is the inner aspect of Torah. It's a very holy wisdom, which should not be abused. However, being aware of these benefits helps us appreciate its Light and come closer to Hashem, which is the end [...]

The Secret of the Divine Names of Hashem – The Power of Yichudim

CONNECTING TO GOD'S PALACE BY MEDITATING ON HIS HOLY NAMES Yichud is the name of Jewish meditative Advanced Techniques in an expression of our neshamah as its truly supposed to be. It's brought down in different sources that the neshamah goes through great suffering due to the fact that it has to come to this physical dimension. The parable that [...]

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