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  • The Chesed vEmes Necklace 0 (0)

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    The Chesed vEmes Necklace 0 (0)

    Hand cut in Jerusalem in Hebrew cursive is Chesed and Emes, Kindness and Truth, which appear together numerous times in the Hebrew Bible in connection with King David and his son King Solomon, and therefore also with the Messiah—a fitting piece for those who eagerly await his coming, soon in our days!

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  • Tikún HaklalÍ Español 0 (0)

    Tikún HaklalÍ en Español

    Hebreo con traducción y transliteración al Español

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  • La puerta a la Kabbalah 0 (0)

    La puerta a la Cábala

    Este libro electrónico es la base para el aprendizaje de la Cabalá y las Meditaciones Cabalísticas. Se incluyen las Meditaciones Mikdash, explicaciones claras, concisas y fácilmente comprensibles de los conceptos fundamentales con los que necesitamos aprender Cabalá.

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  • Yom Kippur Mini Course 0 (0)

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    Yom Kippur Mini Course 0 (0)

    Free Yom Kippur preparation mini-course

    inclosed 3 Ebooks on Yom Kippur

  • Chavakuk 3 english and spanish 0 (0)

    Reading of this prayer is reputed to “shake the rafters” of Heaven, increasing the probability of bringing down abundance.

    Segulah might be translated as a spiritual omen or an auspicious tradition. It is used in the phrase Am Segulah, a treasured nation (Exodus 19:5; Deuteronomy 7:6, 14:2, 26:18), referring to a special relationship Hashem has us.

    A segulah may be understood to be something that exemplifies a treasured connection with Hashem by doing extra, delves deeply into its wisdom, and grow within our beings in the process

    An important purpose of the segulah is to connect to Hashem.

    In our times we need ‘divrie chizuk’ we need understanding, and many have found it when reading Nach (Neviim, Prophets) through the commentaries of this prayer this passage we see how things fold out.

    To many even though it is difficult it is still soothing and promising

  • 50 líneas las tenemos del Sefer Devarim 0 (0)

    Maravillosa Segulah para obtener respuesta a sus oraciones y recibir abundancia y salvaciones.

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  • Prayer of The Rebbe of Apta Rabbi Meir Halevi z”tl. 0 (0)

    There is a special Prayer that  Rabbi Mier wrote and comes with it many special segulas.  The Tiferet Shlomo Hakadosh z”tl would say every day twice a day – morning and evening, the tefillah – prayer that Rabbi Meir Halevi composed, he would tell others to say it as well as a segula for parnassah. There were many Tzaddikim that would say this tefillah daily. It’s even greater to say on the hilula of the Tzaddik, the prayer that he composed, as the holy Zohar says that on a Tzaddik’s hilula it is an even greater time that his merits can be used to draw down heavenly blessings.

    We would like to give you this special prayer in an ebook, Hebrew with transliterations.

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